Shipping valuable parcels though seem like an easy option, you may face major issues if the service provider is not authentic. It is imperative to choose a company that scans and tracks the packages all through its journey till the destination.

Preferable are the firms that guarantee on-time and risk-free distribution of your delicate products. A proper packaging ensures good’s safety and protects it from breaking or falling off. Online courier quotes make the entire process easier than ever before.

The key to stress-free customs handling is a proper commercial invoice that helps to calculate duties and possible taxes later. You can avoid unnecessary delays by filling invoice applications accurately.

No Restricted Goods In Your Parcel

Your service provider must know about the strict guidelines regarding the packaging of restricted products. Violating the rules can result in prosecution or huge fines by the relevant Government Authorities. Terms and conditions need to be followed precisely while packing the listed items.

  • Bloodstock, livestock or any other living creatures
  • Flammable items like lighters, gas cylinders, fuel tanks, and fuel systems
  • Tobacco, cigarettes and spirits
  • Wet batteries and lithium batteries
  • camping equipment, electrical equipment, and containers holding chemicals
  • Auxiliary engines and spare parts

Use Rigid Boxes

Multiple companies offer parcel services in Australia but you must choose the better from the best. Your courier service must offer high-quality boxes that are rigid, durable, and waterproof. A pre-used carton loose strength and often tears-off on putting heavy loads. The boxes must be in good-condition to assure smooth parcel.

Avoid Excess Empty Space In Your Parcel

Providing boxes bigger than the content is not a good option. Chances of getting crushed are high for such parcels. Some of the companies use padding inside the cartons to keep the items safe and secure but, too much padding condenses stacking strength.

Seal The Parcel Properly

Sealing the cartons is an integral part of packaging. The boxes must be sealed with tapes in ‘H’ pattern on both sides after stacking the items inside it. The heavier packets must be strapped with durable and waterproof tapes to protect the goods while transiting.

Weight Is A Big Factor

Boxes containing more than 20 kg must have a label written ‘Heavy’ on it. Utmost 70 kg can be transported inside a single carton for international shipping. Your service provider must use pallets for boxes weighing more than 30 kg.

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