How To Move Vintage Items During Relocation?

Moving is an exhausting and tiresome process. Even if you do not own priceless antiques, art, or musical instruments, moving brings more anxiety for those who own items that are timeless & irreplaceable. It’s where professional removalists in Melbourne come to the rescue. They can handle those items with proper care and ensure it is tightly secured before the transit and carefully move them to your new location. To help you move with your vintage items safely, we have compiled some tips that will help ease your relocation and make your move peacefully.

Don’t Rush, Pack Everything & Make A-List

It is easy to stress and carried away when you have a shorter time to move out. You can avoid rushing as it leads to unwanted stress and tension. So, write a list of items that need special packaging and pack in stages to ensure they arrive in the same condition as they departed. You can even take pictures of the packed boxes to see whether they reach without any damage.

Keep Valuables & Credentials Safely

Keep small valuables such as jewellery and valuables in a small bag or backpack that it remains safe. Always try to keep these items with you as much as possible. Also, ensure that you have all medications, coins and currency, paperwork, photos, passport and other credentials safely put up in a separate bag.

Packing Art & Antiques

Using customized speciality boxes for televisions, paintings, and other hard-to-pack items may cost more but it can save a lot of hassle and money in the long run. When you hire professional movers and packers in Melbourne, they may likely supply boxes of many different shapes and sizes to pack your items including paintings, art and craft items and antique products that you cherished for years. Also, while packing, make sure to label them with a handle with a care note for careful handling.

Choose the Right Packaging

Even when you follow the precautions, insurance is a must-have. Always ensure to hire a Ace Freight lines company that provides insurance and helps you get adequate coverage during your move.

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